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Eppo Leemburg

Not a long story about my history but I have been an entrepreneur since 1995.
In those years I have been selling, managing, presenting, profiling, designing, painting, woodworking.
It’s not about one thing but following the energy and do what makes me truly happy.

I got interested in epoxy and combine this with art.
I have been restoring yachts and monumental buildings with epoxy for years and a long time I have been watching others making art and furniture with it.

I grew up with a father who loved cameras and photography.
The first SLR camera I bought was a Praktica in 1986. Nothing automatic on that camera.
It has been always a part of me and now I photograph my art and the art and jewellery of my wife Anita Leemburg.

The recent development is that we we are looking into making  Tarot Cards.
The base is our own encaustic and acrylic pouring art. They are photografed and after Anita manipulated them in several programs.
They are amazing images where you get drawn into.


Wijngaardstraat 12
4401 CS Yerseke

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