Bitcoin gadgets

There are various gadgets.
The coasters / paperweights are created by Anita Leemburg.

Price (ex shipping) and sizes of each product you will find beneath it.
Payment can be done with lightning or Bitcoin.
Send an email with your choice and we will contact you for payment details.

Paperweight /coasters with heat resistant layer
95 mm x 19 mm / 160 grams

Coaster 2 by Anita Leemburg

Nr 1
€ 75,00

Coaster 3 by Anita Leemburg

Nr 2
€ 75,00

Bitcoin B made with and orange epoxy and silicone
50 x 1,5 cm 1,5 kg  € 175,00

Bitcoin B large 1 by Eppo Leemburg

Nr 1

Bitcoin B large 1a by Eppo Leemburg

Nr 1a



Bitcoin B large 1b by Eppo Leemburg

Nr 1b


Bitcoin B large 1c by Eppo Leemburg

Nr 1c


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