Bitcoin senses

Bitcoin senses series

I have always loved the female forms and shapes, something I share with Fullmetalmagdalene. nLong time ago when I was at sea there were these playboy or penthouse magazines in which there was always a drawing of a womans face with a certain column. I really can’t remember what it was all about, I loved the drawings and started to draw them myself. These drawings found there way throughout the stairwell of the ships accommodation and appreciated by the crew. Then there was a passage through the Suez canal and they were gone and so were my sunglasses haha. I should take it as a compliment and hopefully the pilot enjoys the drawings and my sunglasses. These drawings were the inspiration for the first Bitcoin piece, I wanted to make a piece of  a woman kissing or licking the B. On the day I started, and found out that it was a long time since I put something on paper, I met Magdalene. When I saw what she made it was an instant match and I was very happy that she said yes to collaborate. What started out as a single piece became the bitcoin senses, an idea that hit me in the shower. So far it has been fun creating the series. We will be working on the smell, touch and sound.

The taste of Bitcoin by Eppo Leemburg

The Taste of Bitcoin

The sight of Bitcoin by Eppo Leemburg

The Sight of Bitcoin


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