This event in may 2019 was my first crypto event ever.
When I found out about it I instanly knew I had to be there.
What surprised me that everybody was so open, immediatly people started talking to me and asking questions.
I talked to a lot of people and I can say there where very few ego’s.
A lot of the talks were abacadabra for me but what I do got was the energy of the event, the energy of bitcoin. The day was opened by Elizabeth Stark, at the time I just knew that Lightning excisted but not what it was about, she is a passionate speaker who I still remember because of that.
Everybody is there for bitcoin, I almost heard nothing about price, trades etc. just about possibilities.
I learned a lot and met some great people. I would highly recommend the magical crypto conference and the ‘friends’ are a blast.
It was my first visit to New York and enjoyed every minute of it, before and after the conference I walked a lot and took some great photo’s.
Empire State building was magnetic to me, happy to have visited this magnificent building.
I will be back for sure.

New York Magical crypto conference

Empire State Building

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